Teaming Opportunities

River Oaks has teamed with law firms, CPAs, professionals with technical expertise and other disciplines on projects throughout the United States. Given that the principals of River Oaks have legal backgrounds, they have the expertise to manage and oversee complex projects. They seek business and legal results which are highly beneficial to their clients.

Typically a client, such as a local government, will not want to take on the headaches associated with assembling a team of qualified people. For that reason, cities throughout the country have looked to River Oaks to manage projects that involve a complex mix of various disciplines. With River Oaks as the team leader and lead billing agent, local governments can attend to their myriad of responsibilities and let River Oaks and its team members deal with the specific tasks.

We have found that by assembling the cumulative expertise of others throughout the country, we can provide a top-shelf experience for our clients. That is why they keep coming back to us for future projects.

  • Accounting Firms

    River Oaks has teamed with CPAs for the specific purpose of helping local government clients ensure that they are receiving the franchise fees to which they are entitled under federal law. CPAs like other professionals have areas of specialization. In particular, a certain expertise is required to successfully audit cable franchise fee payments. Each situation is unique. In one instance, an audit may be required, while in another, a one year agreed-upon procedures review may be sufficient.

    The CPAs will need to familiarize themselves with the underlying documents and the cable companies' financial records. Often it becomes necessary for the CPA to send additional follow-up questions to the cable company to gather the necessary financial information.

    We work closely with accounting professionals to properly interpret the Franchise documents so that an accurate determination can be made as to whether or not a local government is receiving the monies to which it is entitled. We have successfully deployed this methodology on a teaming basis and will continue to do so on behalf of our public sector clients.

  • Cyber Security

    Companies no longer have the requisite cyber security that once existed. When it comes to data transmission and Cloud Computing, anti-virus software and usernames/passwords no longer create an environment where confidential data and information are totally protected. Financial risks and exposure are extensive unless state-of-the-art security and encryption methods are utilized. River Oaks has teamed with a highly regarded, publicly traded Cyber Encryption company that provides credentializing services to the Federal Government.

    Internal and external security issues exist for companies. Internal security issues include communications with employees. External vendor communications with companies are complex as vendors seek to access proprietary information. Customers who communicate using Internet service need protection for data-in-motion.

    Smart phones and laptops are vulnerable in today's wireless environments. Device Authentication, Identity Management, Digital Certificates, Data-In-Motion Protection, and User Authentication are a must for companies and government agencies using Cloud Computing.

  • Engineers

    River Oaks realizes that certain projects require particular skill sets. This is true for IP matters, as well as telecommunications. In that regard, River Oaks is pleased to team with professionals who have engineering and science backgrounds.

    In the context of telecommunications work, River Oaks has brought in individuals and firms that have the technical expertise to assess cable systems and broadband capabilities, especially in light of the convergence of services (voice, video, and data). Various communities still have Institutional Networks (fiber optic systems) in place that are utilized for local government communications and cost-savings purposes. By teaming with technical professionals, River Oaks can provide an array of services that are required by its local government clients regarding I-Nets.

    Intellectual Property work involves a team of attorneys, business people, inventors, marketing professionals, financial experts, and strategists. Corporations and Universities are constantly looking to expand and protect their IP assets through patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licensing. We have the network of professionals who can be assembled to successfully complete designated IP tasks. Our document review experience over a number of decades can also serve as the foundation for successful results in the context of IP.

  • Law Firms

    Each project requires an attorney with a particular area of expertise. For example, when working with a company that deploys identity management and device authentication to the federal government, we will look to team with a law firm that has a specialty in Intellectual Property. The engagement could range from filing for trademark protection to licensing software. Within a law firm's IP department, we can select those attorneys who are best suited for particular tasks. In this way, the responsibility for assembling the best talent is with River Oaks rather than the client.

    Similarly, if a client's project is headed for litigation, we want to involve nationally regarded litigators. Geographic location of a particular firm is far less important, given the boundless nature of the Internet and the opportunities it presents. We have affiliated with some of the top practitioners in the country and will continue to do so as we are faced with new challenging projects.

    Our consulting company has a distinct advantage, in that we have a network of lawyers who we can rely upon thanks to our thirty-eight years of experience. We are not tied to one particular Law Firm. However, we strongly believe that those people whom we have known and trusted are and can lead us to the best practitioners in the country.