Service Areas

River Oaks is actively involved in providing clients with a diverse number of services including:

  • Broadband

    Communities around the country are considering whether they want to use their existing fiber, add to it and provide better Internet service for their residents. Providers (cable television, telephone companies, cellular providers and ISPs) oftentimes have not provided the levels of Internet service demanded by their customer base for business and personal use.

    Faster broadband speeds and better service result in satisfied constituents, economic development and job retention. The Internet has become an economic necessity for communities.

    Not sure where to start? We have been in the cable television/ telecommunications space since 1987 and have helped other communities explore their broadband options. If this is done prudently and methodically, then a community can objectively assess its choices. That due diligence may also lead to public/private partnerships or the providers even choosing to upgrade their systems.

  • Wireless

    Since 1998, River Oaks has been involved in the drafting and preparation of Wireless Ordinances and related documents. River Oaks approaches this work from both a business and legal perspective. It takes into account compensation/revenue issues, public safety, Right-of-Way management, aesthetic, and other considerations.

    As a Consulting Company, River Oaks has also been involved in Site Acquisition Work. This involved identifying prospective locations, addressing zoning codes and requirements, contacting and negotiating with landlords and property owners and working on a myriad of equipment related issues. Site walks, meeting with RF Engineers, and construction personnel are all a part of this process.

    Are you really comfortable in negotiating your Wireless Lease with the provider? Are they trying to get you to accept terms and conditions that are unacceptable? Do you know what's fair and common in the industry? We do and will vigorously protect your interest while maximizing your revenue stream from the Site Lease.

  • Telecommunications and Right-of-Way Projects

    For over 29 years, River Oaks has provided expertise to Local Governments and Private Industry with respect to Cable and Telecommunications Projects. River Oaks has worked in 38 states and its principals have over 50 years experience in drafting, negotiating, and formulating complex agreements. Work has been done throughout the United States in Metropolitan Areas, Mid-sized Communities and Rural Areas.

    In the course of this work, River Oaks has reviewed or been involved in the preparation of hundreds of Agreements, along with Ordinances. In this regard, River Oaks has prepared Telecommunications Ordinances which address the provision of multiple services. Millions of dollars are involved with respect to Franchise Fees, other Compensation, PEG Access, and I-Net related matters. River Oaks works closely with City and County Attorneys, Video Production Staff, IT departments, and Right-of-Way and Public Works Departments as well.

    In these challenging economic times, it is important for cities and counties to ensure they are receiving the proper amount of compensation from providers and other users of the Right-of-Ways. By teaming with other professionals, we can help local governments determine the correct amount of fees to be collected. This involves working with professionals who have legal, business, technical, and financial experience.

  • Agreements

    Our company has been intricately involved in innumerable types of Agreements. For example, we have drafted, negotiated, and finalized Cable Franchises on behalf of local governments with companies such as Comcast and Time Warner. The principals of River Oaks have worked closely with City Attorneys, corporate counsel, law firm practitioners, and other consultants in drafting complex Agreements.

    Negotiation is something our company does on a regular basis. We find solutions that benefit our clients without necessarily disadvantaging the other side. Our public and private sector clients know that we will see the projects through to their completion. That is why referrals have served us well for over 29 years.

  • Document Review

    The principals of River Oaks were trained with an eye for legal detail. Over their careers, be it litigation, corporate matters, M&A, or consulting work, document review is a key component. It is not unusual for them to be involved in the review of hundreds or even thousands of pages. It is critical that those documents be reviewed substantively rather than carelessly. That review can be pivotal and a key factor as to whether or not a successful outcome is achieved for your organization.

    River Oaks has been entrusted with reviewing documents which have multi-million dollar ramifications. Reading the documents alone is not enough. Knowing what to look for is of the utmost importance. Isn't it worth it to your company to have your transactional files thoroughly reviewed and summarized? We have the legal training, business acumen, and experience to work on your project. Whether it is litigation, M&A, or IP work, River Oaks will commit, in the course of the due diligence engagement, to do a thorough review of your business and legal documents.

  • Cable Television

    Regulatory work in the Cable Television field has changed dramatically over the past two decades. We were involved in securing Cable Franchises when many towns and cities did not even know what the cable television industry was all about.

    Our work in 38 States has made us a known entity in both the public and private sectors. We have drafted Cable Franchises, transferred Franchises, and renewed Franchises. Franchises contain provisions which have financial ramifications along with technical impacts. The public interest is at stake in terms of Public, Educational, and Governmental Channel allocations, funding, facilities and equipment.

    We have served as Project Managers ensuring that all the necessary professionals are part of our team. The Franchise Agreements we negotiate typically span from 5-10 years. They need to be comprehensive in scope.

    In the context of our Franchise renewal work, River Oaks is often responsible for ascertaining a community's future cable-related needs and interests. This is accomplished by doing surveys of key stakeholders (for example: residents, city departments, and schools) along with holding focus groups and public hearings. Depending upon the type of franchise renewal proceeding, we have worked closely with a Ph.D to assure statistical validity for the residential survey results. Our survey work can range from Web surveys to mail-out or telephone surveys, based on the needs of the local government.

    Our company has been retained as an Expert in complex Cable Television litigation.

  • Litigation- Strategic Consulting and Expert Witness Support

    River Oaks' principals worked very closely with a Nationally and Internationally regarded Law Firm in Complex Litigation involving thousands of pages of document review. We provided Strategic Consulting and Expert Witness services in this Tax & Cable Television Lawsuit in which the Plaintiffs were seeking in excess of $500 Million in damages. Our work involved the review of Depositions, Corporate Documents, an Offering Memorandum, and innumerable additional materials. By working closely with the Law Firm on the Defense side we were able to achieve a desired result for the Law Firm's Client.

    In another Litigation related matter, River Oaks assisted a Public Entity in Strategic Consulting, Case Law Review, Preparation of Briefs, and Related Matters. This case was resolved in favor of the Defendant- the Public Entity and resulted in a savings of $10-$18 Million.

    River Oaks is well versed in undertaking High Level Document Review to ascertain critical facts and produce effective results for its Clients in High-Stakes Litigation.

  • Intellectual Property

    For more than a year and a half, River Oaks was actively involved in taking a Cyber Security solution to the commercial vertical sectors. There is enormous benefit to businesses in protecting their Intellectual Property assets. River Oaks works with Law Firms where Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Trade Names, Copyrights, and Patents are involved.

    River Oaks has also teamed with a national law firm to develop and disseminate a Webinar with respect to Intellectual Property issues. By assisting companies to further monetize the value of their Intellectual Property assets, significant benefits are presented to all entities involved.